Xcalacoco Experience

Wednesday – Corn

Corn has always been a staple in Mexican cuisine, even up until the present day, as seen in favorite foods like tamales and tortillas. Here in the Yucatan Peninsula, the locals incorporate corn into their everyday life and diet as a main form of sustenance. They even call on “aluxes”, ancient Mayan supernatural beings, to protect their corn fields and help crops to grow. Learn more about corn and its important role in Mexican and Mayan culture on this special tribute day.

The day that we celebrate corn, an important food in Mayan culture, is the perfect chance to explore every corner of our resort.

  • Sensory Path: We’ll take you on a journey through the senses so you can experience nature and the region’s natural charms from a unique point of view. Let us take you by the hand as you close your eyes and let your senses lead the way.
  • Plant a Tree: At our resort, you’ll have the opportunity to make an important contribution to the environment. This family activity reminds us of the importance of life and preserving our ecosystem.

This is just a sample of all of the activities we have in store for you every day. Check the daily itinerary and have a blast with us!