Xcalacoco Experience

Tuesday – Wind

The wind blows through palm trees, along mangrove forests and across the Caribbean waters here in our corner of the breathtaking Riviera Maya. Hundreds of years ago, the wind even brought people from faraway lands to our shores, affecting the lives of the Mayan people in ways they could never imagine, as evidenced in our “The Arrival” ceremony. To honor the wind and all that it brings, on this day we offer activities designed to place you in harmony with the ever-changing characteristics of the air.

Tuesdays are also filled with big surprises thanks to our activities! Try not to sleep in so that you can fit in a whole day of fun.

  • Animal Keeper: This activity gives you the opportunity to be in direct contact with the hotel’s animals. Feed them and learn fun facts that will help you understand their behavior; join along and you’ll be amazed by how clever these animals are.
  • Bird Watching: Learn to identify different local bird species by their plumage and song. You’ll discover why so many people are passionate about bird watching, and you’ll get to enjoy an amazing tour through a natural Caribbean setting.

This is just a sample of all of the activities we have in store for you every day. Check the daily itinerary and have a blast with us!