Xcalacoco Experience

Thursday – Water

The waters of the Riviera Maya go beyond the Caribbean Sea. The entire region is filled with thousands of cenotes: natural wells with crystal clear waters that connect to an endless network of underground rivers. The ancient Mayans believed cenotes to be a gateway to the afterlife, using them for sacrifices. Take advantage of our water tribute day to visit all of the stops on our cenote route, learn about water’s role in the local ecosystem, and view Mayan legends come to life in a nighttime ceremony by our main cenote.

On Thursdays we honor the element of water, making it an ideal day to swim and cool off in our cenote or at the beach. Make sure to experience some water activities you’ll never forget.

  • Cenote Explorers: One of the most incredible attractions at our resort is the chance to swim in a natural cenote. This refreshing experience lets you see what lies beneath the crystal clear waters during an enchanting swim.
  • Mayan Survival: Are you strong enough? Compete in our on-site triathlon where we test your competitive spirit and teamwork. You’ll have to swim, run and even bike while answering questions about the resort and the ecosystem.

This is just a sample of all of the activities we have in store for you every day. Check the daily itinerary and have a blast with us!