Xcalacoco Experience

Saturday – Fire

The Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula have found many uses for fire over the centuries, whether they were cooking food, creating light or performing a ceremony. On our fire tribute day, learn to use fire as a jungle survival skill, feel the “burn” with intense workouts, and visit our Plaza del Sol circle by night to witness the fascinating Fire of Life ceremony, where a Mayan chaman asks the gods to raise his daughter from the dead.

The weekend begins, bringing you the opportunity to continue enjoy a variety of activities. On Saturdays we honor the element of fire; to show our respect, we’ll take you by the hand for some incredible experiences you’ll never forget.

  • Eco Tour: Explore our trails, spot local wildlife and identify regional plants and trees as our guide describes the wonders and magic of the ecosystems you’ll find at the hotel.
  • Eco Volunteers: This is your chance to help the environment during an unforgettable experience. We’ll show you different ways to help preserve our natural surroundings while enjoying the beauty of nature.

This is just a sample of all of the activities we have in store for you every day. Check the daily itinerary and have a blast with us!