Xcalacoco Experience


Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort sits in the heart of what was once a Mayan community today known as “Xcalacoco”, living among the jungle, the mangrove and the white shores of the Caribbean Sea. Meaning “Twin Coconut Trees” in a mix of the Mayan and Spanish languages, today Xcalacoco is filled with wildlife, natural beauty and traces of centuries-old Mayan culture.

To celebrate the history and heritage of the region, Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort has created the Xcalacoco Experience, allowing guests to learn more about Mayan and Mexican culture while vacationing in the Riviera Maya. Step into a world of ancient traditions and a day-to-day lifestyle vastly different from what you know. Xcalacoco teaches all about Mayan customs and the fascinating ecosystems found throughout the area through interactive activities to keep you on your toes throughout a vacation experience like none other.

With Xcalacoco, guests can participate in different activities every day, with each day of the week set aside to honor a different element. From meditation by the cenote to live versions of the ancient Mayan ball game and even jungle survival skills, you’ll find that Sandos Caracol is about much more than just sun and sand.

In addition to the day-to-day element activities, this resort also boasts an extensive list of eco attractions to explore during an unforgettable vacation in paradise:

  • Mayan jungle with over 60 species of wild animals
  • Bike path through the jungle
  • Cenote route to explore our numerous natural springs
  • Mangrove path
  • Mayan river with tranquil boat rides through the mangrove
  • Bird sanctuary
  • Deer encounter
  • Turtle lagoon
  • Plant a Tree program so you can commemorate your stay and give back to nature