Xcalacoco Experience

December 22nd



6:00 AM WELCOME TO THE NEW ERA – Ceremony and Breakfast: Led by a Mayan Shaman (elder) Ricardo Delgado, this ceremony will be performed at sunrise to mark the first day of this new cycle and New Era. As the first rays of the sunrise reach our beach, guests can reflect on the events of 2012 and set intentions for this new cycle.

8:00 AM CENOTE MEDITATION: A meditation in our main cenote, accompanied by live music and guided by a yoga Master.

9:00 AM Mayan Breakfast at the Ceiba: Join us for breakfast at the hotel’s sacred Ceiba Tree, deep in the jungle of Xcalacoco.

10:00 AM Purification Ceremony (jets’ lu’um): Performed by a Mayan X-men, Don Crecencio Pat Cahuich, this ceremony will clean and renew the energies for this coming era.

10:30 AM WAKE OF COMMITMENT: Guests are invited to record and share their thoughts and hopes regarding the New Era

11:00 AM CEREMONY OF THE CEIBA: Connecting Heaven and Earth: The Maya believe that souls exist on three levels: the underworld, the earth and the heavens. The connection between heaven and earth is worshiped at the ceiba, a tree that has sheltered the Maya for generations.

4:00 PM PEACE CEREMONY: Join us in front of the Spa and unite in a ceremony to create a foundation of peace in this new era

5:00 PM CONFERENCE ON MAYAN CULTURE: – Hilario Chi, a specialist in Mayan history will speak about the Mayan calendar and Mayan cultural traditions.

8:30 PM CEREMONY “THE FIRE OF LIFE”: Fire is the most eternal element of these ceremonies. In this ceremony Xcalacoco celebrates with fire and gives thanks for what has been received in this cycle.

10:00 PM NEW ERA CELEBRATION: Directly following the fire ceremony we invite guests to join in celebrating the New Era through music and dance.